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EOHSJ Ring, 18k Gold Jerusalem Cross Ring

EOHSJ Ring, 18k Gold Jerusalem Cross Ring


18k Gold! EOHSJ  (same design as silver & 14k gold version)

Designed specifically for the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre.  

On one side of the ring you will see the date the Order was founded (1099 A.D) 

On the other side you will notice the motto for the Order (Deus Lo Vult)  


NOTE: Please select Your Ring Size  (If you do not know your ring size, simply go to any jeweler near you and ask to be sized.) *If you need a larger size, or can't find your size on the menu, please contact us.

Avg. weight 23-28 grams.

Since these rings are custom made to fit your finger, the craftsmanship takes 3-6 weeks to finish and ship out to you unless we have it in stock already.