About us

Hi, Thanks for checking us out!

We are family owned-with an online store, and small location for appointments in Jewelers Row, located in downtown Chicago.

We opened our doors in 2016. In the beginning we were only making engagement rings. Fast forward to now, and we have more to offer than ever before. The different cross collections you'll find on our website include: Jerusalem, Malta & Order of St. George. These designs include rings, pendants and earrings for the ladies, along with rings and cuff-links for the men. Each piece In every collection, has been made in Chicago.

We’ve grown a lot as a company over the years and continue to make new products. Check back regularly, or sign up to our email list to be the first to see new products as they come out! We couldn’t be where we are today without our wonderful customers. Serving those looking for engagement rings, earrings, pendants or custom family crest rings are what we love to do. Thank you!




1. If I wanted to design my my own engagement ring can I? - Yes, we will work with you and create a model of the ring you want for you to approve.

2. Can I send you a picture of my family crest and have it put on a ring?- Yes, we are able to transfer your family crest and put it inverted (wax sealing) or extrovert it on a ring, earrings/cufflinks or pendant.

3. Can I use a diamond that I have to put in the engagement ring you make?- Yes, people often have family heirlooms they want to redesign or use in an engagement ring.

4. Can I sell my old jewelry to you?-No, unfortunately we don’t buy used jewelry.

5. Can you help me find a diamond/stone to go in the engagement ring?- Yes, each ring we design will need stones for it. Once you tell us what you are looking for, we will get a selection for you to pick which one/ones you would like to use. This can be diamonds, sapphires... or any stone you’re fond of.

6. If I see a piece I like online, am I able to stop by the store and look in person?- Yes, after contacting us, we will set up an appointment for you to come see the piece you like, and look around the store.

7. I found a piece of jewelry I really like, but would like to change the color of the center stone. Can you do that?- Yes, most of our jewelry is available with a different color stone however this may cause the price to change as well.

8. Do you use conflict free diamonds?- Yes, we buy our diamonds from trusted suppliers who source them ethically.


Contact Us

Phone: (740) 632-8182 -Ryan

Email: littlekingsjewelry@gmail.com

Store Location: 5 S Wabash Suite #217 Chicago IL, 60603 (Appointment Only)

Store Hours: Appointment Only. Give us a call to set up a time that works!