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Bitcoin Ring

Made on Chicago's Famed Jewelers Row, a true masterpiece.

Dubbed: "The Crypto King" This ring has it all. Whether its BTC, BTG, BCH or BTCD You're a fan of...This Bitcoin Ring is for you.

On one side of the ring you will see CRYPTO and the other KING. The bold lettering makes for a strong impression.  

On the top of the ring surrounding the iconic Bitcoin logo you will see the Latin phrase "Vires in Numeris"  which means "strength in numbers." The adopted motto of Bitcoin and Cryptos in general. 

The Kingly Crown which circles around the ring contains high quality .20ct VS-H diamonds. 

This ring was made for the ultimate trader or HODLER and can be purchased at checkout with BTC, BCH, LTC or ETH as a prize for your trading skills. Of course we take other payment methods as well.

Silver Platinum Plated: Solid .925 silver platinum plated with .20ct CZ stones. (Not real diamonds) 

Silver 24k Gold Plated:  Solid .925 silver 24k gold plated with .20ct  CZ stones. (Not real diamonds)  

14k or Yellow Gold:  Solid 14k yellow gold, contains .20ct VS-H diamonds. 

14k White Gold: Solid 14k white gold, contains .20ct VS-H diamonds.

Special offer: Dual Color Gold 14k or 18k:   Solid white gold with yellow gold bitcoin in center. Contains .20ct VS-H diamonds.(only 20 rings of each 14k & 18k will be made and specially numbered) Limited offer! Buy it Now.

NOTE: Once ordered this ring is custom made to fit your finger size. Order will take 3-5 weeks to fulfill.

Gold Ring Weighs 23.5g. but may weigh slightly more or less depending on ring size.

Silver weighs 17.5g but may weigh slightly more or less depending on ring size.

If you don't know your ring size you can go to any local jewelry store and ask them to size your ring finger. If we don't have your ring size to order, just contact us and we can still make it. 

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Bitcoin Ring
From $480.00 - $3,300.00